United Concordia – Tricare

Dear patients,

we are specialized on the treatment of children. We have been pediatric dentists for now over 13 years (APW Certification) and we are a preferred provider practice for Tricare – MetLife patients since 2006. We would like to achieve that dental treatment will be a positiv experience for children.

Due to our special training, we are able to assess the child`s particular psychological needs and to consider them in the course of our dental medical procedures.The priority in our dental practice is the proper behaviour management of the children using psycholocial methods of treatment in pediatric dentistry, in which we are well grounded.

Please take all informations you need from the links below, you will also find the download for the dental claims you need for your appointment in our office.

On the right side you find the download for the registration form. Please print it and take it to your appointment.

Please use the following link:


Go to:

  • 1. Resource Center
  • 2. Tricare Dental Program
  • 3. Claims Submission
  • 4. Click on „OCONUS Claims Submission Document“
  • 5. Print your „Dental Expense Claim for OCONUS“ 6. Take it to your appointment

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